Meluna Research in Biophotonics is combining scientific exploration with commercial relevance. The field of Biophotonics focuses on photons in interaction with living organisms to visualize biological information. At the Meluna Research Biophotonics Laboratory a technology platform is created dedicated to the role of biophotonics in life sciences. The research is characterized by multidisciplinary cooperation with various universities and research companies. Its focus is on development of new concepts and breakthrough improvements in existing biophotonics technology.
Researchers from universities and other research institutes can physically work side-by-side in the Meluna Research Biophotonics Laboratory.

The main activities include:
  • Research on biophotonics in human health and agricultural issues
  • Development of new biophotonic strategies, applications and equipment
  • Education in biophotonics

  • 1st - 5th August 2017: Summer School - The Cycle of Life click for more details...

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