Research on biophotonics in human health

At the Meluna International Biophotonics Laboratory we focus on the development of novel techniques extracting biomedical information of living organisms. For that purpose an interdisciplinary technology platform is created, dedicated to the role of biophotonics and system biology/ physiology in health issues.

Human Biophoton measurements
Recording spontaneous photon emission from human subjects is a special field of biophotonics. The studies demonstrate the potential usefulness of biophotons to extract biomedical information relevant for diagnosis of pathophysiological states. At the laboratory extremely sensitive photomultipliers and CCD equipment for different purposes are available.

Development of a personal health sensor
Personalized health approach is the basis of holistic medicine. Recent research is focusing on objective methods for recording each person’s unique condition utilizing complex interactions in biological functional systems.

Skin - Screening UV sensitivity
Recording of low spontaneous photon emission following exposure of a personís skin to UV is used to quantify UV sensitivity. The sensitivity differs throughout the year and is dependent from previous exposures as well as the antioxidant state of the subject.

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